Popular Websites

We all prefer to follow our path, which is easier and more convenience. For example: if we want to find out something, we “Google” it. If we want to watch some videos, we go to YouTube. Or, if we want to read news, we would have gone to CNN, BBC…

Below is the popular website list that people usually visit for their different purposes:


Google is the most popular website. I think it has everything. Whenever, I am stuck at anything or want to find out something, I just google it. Interesting that the word “Google” become a verb. My friends and I call it “Master Google.” I like its search engine and the way it gives credits to the websites.



Facebook has been grown really fast. It helps everyone keeps in touch with each other and has more friends. If some of your friends change their phone numbers, you can contact them via Facebook – it is somehow stable. I never thought that Facebook would be Google’s competitor. However, it is now in term of making money from advertisement. Facebook has so many users and is a good source for advertising; companies shift their attention to Facebook and reduce the amount of money on Google’s advertisement. As Facebook spends more time to do advertising, they don’t have enough time to take better care of their users.



We can find almost all videos on YouTube, including music, movies, tutorials, entertainment, lectures, shows, tips, etc. As YouTube is the video-sharing website, people can upload their videos and watch others’ videos. If you are good at something, record it and post it in YouTube – a good and fast way to get popular. Another good thing, users can actually earn money if their videos are popular enough. One thing annoys many people are the advertisement before watching videos, especially the popular videos. However, I think it is okay because we don’t pay anything to watch its videos. Also, they are doing business, and they need to make money. It is reasonable and understandable!



The world’s largest online retailer! You can buy almost everything here from used to new with an acceptable price. Usually, it offers better deals. You don’t have to spend lots of time wondering around for products. Everything is at Amazon, and it is very convenience. Once time, I read the news. It said BestBuy is Amazon’s showroom because people go to BestBuy to see the products then go to Amazon buy it. Amazon offers better price, and the shipping method is fast. I do feel sorry for BestBuy, but that is how business competition. BestBuy needs to do something to keep up.



A 1-stop destination for video game tips and strategies!! Its business model sets differently than YouTube in term of games’ videos – tips, tutorials and strategies. GamerU provides high quality and great content for each video in about a minute, which I think is really cool and concise. Its videos are more strategic and helpful. GamerU is a new website that I found while I was searching for Candy Crush and Pet Rescue strategies. I think this website will get popular soon, as it meets people’s needs and provides better videos and tips than other sites.



TripAdvisor is a travel website, including flight tickets, hotels, car rentals and show tickets. Beside of TripAdvisor, there are Expedia, Orbitz, Booking, which have the same concept and also creditable. Before booking anything, you should check around these websites to see which one offers better deals. Also, keep checking and don’t rush. Sometimes, in one day, the price goes up really high, and you think it will go higher if you wait. Therefore, you book it immediately. It is not always true though, especially fight tickets. You should wait for couple days and check in different period time of day to catch a better deal!!



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